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Everyone deserves the chance to trick or treat! This special event is for children with a disability or medical condition that keeps them from going door to door this Halloween season. Children and their families are welcome to attend this event and trick or treat around the Valley Farms Community Center. MSU athletes will be in attendance to hand out candy. Enjoy a snack before or after trick or treating. Come in full costume and enjoy an evening of lighthearted fun! (No masks or scary costumes please.)

*If your family plans to bring siblings or a friend with your child,
or if your child has any food allergies, please make a note of it while registering.*

Registration Deadline: Saturday, Oct. 11

Date:  Sunday, Oct. 19
Time:  6:00-7:30pm
Location:  Valley Farms Community Center

Register Here (Under "Fall Events"):
Posted 09/26/14


Posted 07/28/14

The Miracle League of Mid-Michigan is dedicated to helping children with physical and cognitive challenges to develop and achieve their full potential cognitively, socially and physically by providing the opportunity for them to play baseball as part of a team in an organized league. The general guidelines of Miracle League Baseball are:

  • Each athlete hits and scores a run each inning (games last two innings ~ 1 hour).

  • If needed, an athlete is matched with a "buddy", who helps them hit, round the bases and field.

  • The parents get to watch, support and celebrate their children's success on the field. 

The Miracle League is not just about baseball. It's about hundreds of dedicated athletes, parents, coaches, buddies, volunteers, and sponsors coming together to support, encourage and inspire each other in an inclusive environment that embraces diversity. The benefits of participating in Miracle League Baseball extend beyond the field and impact everyone involved - including fans.

The benefits of participating in Miracle League of Mid-Michigan Baseball
extend beyond the field and impact everyone involved - including fans.